Battery Pack & Charging

Skyllink is a professional industrial battery pack designer and manufacturer and focus on portable hand-held devices for years. We provide plenty of high safetyreliability, durability and superior performance battery pack for customer to complete and increase their product value, such as mobile phones, tablets, personal navigation devices and digital video recorders. 

When digital hand-held devices become more and more important to our daily life, rechargeable Li-Ion, Li-polymer battery pack is already acting the key factor to increase mobility. But how to keep people away from dangerous while digital hand-held devices are getting more and more close to human body everyday, safety of battery should be the first topic that we have to pay much attention on it.  

We consider safety to be our priority concepts upon designing

To be a responsible and professional battery pack supplier, Skyllink insist on only adopting first tier branding safe battery cell, such as SANYO or PANASONIC, and equip with efficient and accurate protection circuit simultaneously, it makes our design can be more safereliable, durable and coming with superior performance.

Meanwhile, all our battery packs are manufactured and tested by qualified fabrication in Taiwan, with our unique process and expertise, and that makes us proud to retain the top quality battery pack and keep supplying customers in the worldwide for years.


We provides numerous battery packs with UL, TUV, ETL, PSE or CTIA safety certifications, and it will reduce your product development time and cost, in addition to safety.

Contact with us if you are looking for battery pack with safety and high performance

We are also experienced to develop diversity of digital hand-held devices for customer, besides to be a professional battery pack supplier, and that make us comprehend thoroughly what you faced and what you needed. Customers can rely on Skyllink to design safe and reliable custom battery packs, including electronic safety, monitoring, and charge control circuitry. Our extensive experience and expertise in electronic circuitry design, plastic housings, CAE simulation system and automated production line allow us to produce a state-of-the-art battery pack and give us an unmatched competitive advantage over the other battery pack manufacturers or assemblers.

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