Health Home Appliance

Skyllink is experienced on designing and manufacturing health home appliances for years, such as air cleaner, aroma diffuser and coffee machine with high quality and perfect performance.


Safe and efficient electronics design

 Absolute safety, high quality with perfect performance are always the guarantees that we insisted and offered to customer, we have strong engineering team to provide design service and professional production base to manufacture product for customer, and those
makes us competitive to win the partnership and cooperate with customers in the worldwide for years, including some big brandings.


Bring art element of crude wood and glass into electronics

 We are familiar with the characteristics of wood and glass, and also having our expertise on how to make it in volume production with high accuracy and cost saving. Those advantages make us different from others and easy to combine both wood and glass materials with electronics circuit perfectly and reform design become more classic and unique. 



Contact us if you are looking for a professional design and manufacturer partner that can provide you both electronics and crude wood or glass design and manufacture service.


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