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    Skyllink is going to launch the best aroma diffuser MINA II
    [ 2014-Sep ]

    We are very pleasant to announce that the best nebulizing aroma diffusers, MINA II & MINA II Plus, are going to be launched in Oct/2014.MINA II designed with unique integral curve shape, pretty and fashion. It is also the smallest nebulizing aroma diffuser in the world, even smaller than iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 3 smarts phones. Classic hand-made crude wood and glass crafts come with best nebulizing and negative-ion ourput performance. The maximum negative-ion output can reach 1,000,000 ion/cm3 at least for MINA II Plus. Unique and convenient USB power cable design also make MINA relatively brilliant for mobility. Therefore,all these unique and perfect designs make MINA II & MINA II Plus becoming the best nebulizing aroma diffuser in the world, and bring more and more obvious advantages for users.

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